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Dr. Horne is an experienced senior leader and executive advisor in DEIA, Human Capital, Training and Development who develops and aligns complex programs and business initiatives for the federal government and private companies. She has a 15+ year history of contributions to the government, military and private industries in operations, diversity and inclusion, human capital and adult learning. Dr. Horne has researched and developed comprehensive leadership development, culture action planning and career development programs impacting leaders on a global scale. She is an award-winning novelist, industry columnist and government leader that has spoken at multiple federal agencies, private organizations on the intersection of culture, leadership and strategic alignment. She has worked internationally and domestically and has garnered prestigious awards such as the Meritorious Service award for her ground-breaking culture work in Japan. She owns Dynamic Training Partners LLC as a minority, veteran and woman-owned organization. She is a proud Army veteran and enjoys reading, writing suspense novels, traveling and coaching youth sports. 

Now to the deeper me...

Leadership Philosophy:

Leading is an act of service. Service to a higher calling to motivate greatness in others and selfless in the face of those who choose to follow. My greatest moment of triumph is when I see a person reach their own measure of success with my help, guidance and coaching.

Life Lesson:

Life is the art of drawing in ink.


I'm motivated by the "why". If I know why it matters and the impact it can have...I can create the engine to get there. My internal motivation is to quell my creative need and find solutions to unique challenges, build the un-buildable.


De-motivated by routine or status quo environments. 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: ENTJ

DiSC Profile: An 'i' hugging the D quadrant. 

Want to learn even more about me? Check out my numerous podcasts and articles to get a feel for my personality, leadership style and vision that you can't get from a photo, resume or cover letter. Or...schedule a quick chat. Why not?


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